5 Factors Accountable For Rising Market Of Electronic Cigarette India

In India the number of smokers is no less as compared to the other parts of the globe. To the young mass, smoking is adopted as a style statement till it
becomes a habit gradually. The most familiar carcinogen, Nicotine is the substance that is accountable for this addiction. Although cigarette smokers
usually inhale Nicotine in large proportion, there are a lot of other heavy metals and carcinogens that are inhaled during smoking, which are generated
with the burning of paper and tobacco along with the chemicals used to flavor the cigarettes. The habit of smoking kills a significant number of people
every year in India and affects a lot others. This is the most prominent reason which is accountable for the rising market of less-carcinogenic Electronic Cigarette India.

What is Electronic Cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette is an electronic device which is battery operated to offer a feeling of smoking with its vapors. The use of Electronic Cigarettes is
known as vaping, because of the reason that there is no burning of tobacco; rather a think vapor is created similar to the smoke of cigarette burning and
offers additive substances like Nicotine and flavors. There are mainly 3 major components in any Electronic Cigarette: a) Battery (rechargeable), b)
atomizer (Heating Coil & electronic circuitry) and c) cartridge or e-liquid. Out of these e-liquid is one thing that contains the desired nicotine with
water and other chemicals which produces a thick smoke in contact with the heating element and offers a feeling of smoking. Electronic Cigarette India is getting high acceptance level and popularity due to its easy availability online and less desired
carcinogenic effect.

The reasons behind rising market of Electronic Cigarette India:

Although there are several reasons for popularity of Electronic Cigarette in India, here we will point 5 major reasons for its wide acceptance among Indian
consumers and so the rising marketability:

1. Easy availability: Although Electronic Cigarettes originated from China, there are producers of this device and e-liquids around the globe. But in
India, the availability of Electronic Cigarettes was limited in the last decade, until the web-blast. Apart from the physical stores, there are almost 250
brands of Electronic Cigarettes available in India through online ordering system. This easy availability accounts for its popularity as well.

2. Less carcinogenic effect: Although the health effects of Electronic Cigarettes is still a topic of debate, its proved that it contains limited
carcinogens and controlled amount of Nicotine. At some places, its being adopted as a ‘Quit Smoking’ device. The vapor from Electronic Cigarette being
mostly nicotine and water vapor, its gaining popularity among those heavy and chain-smokers.

3. Style is the statement: Electronic Cigarette India is available in many stylist forms including the normal cylindrical cigarette form.
This is the reason why electronic cigarettes are adopted among the younger mass resorted to smoking.

4. Vaping is fun: Another reason that is accountable for rising market is its popularity as a fun smoking. The Electronic Cigarette India
are available, even without nicotine cartridge and are widely popular in group activities and clubs.

5. Varieties of taste: The e-liquid used in the e-cartridges of Electronic Cigarette India come with many flavors as per the taste of the
users. The electronic cigarette market is also accounting for the widely popular e-Hukkah, which offers a retro smoking sensation. The taste and its style
is one of the major factors that is responsible for growth of this Electronic Cigarette market in India, as well.