E-Cigarette in India – Lead A Happy And Healthy Life Without Smoking

Smoking is a habit and a large mass of people are highly addicted to it; intake of high amount of nicotine is harmful to health. To get rid of cigarettes and smoking, a new innovation has come up in the form of e-cigarettes. These e-cigarettes are functioned based on three main components – cartridge, atomizer and body. These three parts are operated together to produce vapour, cartridge of e-cigarette is a plastic shell it consists of flavoured e liquid which is inhaled during smoking. Atomizer changes liquid which passes from cartridge in to vapour state that is smoke like consistency. Body contains rechargeable lithium ion battery and microprocessor which controls atomizer and LED light, the light looks like glow of real cigarette and also acts like battery indicator that blinks when battery is low.


Advantages of e-cigarettes:

E-cigarettes looks exactly like real cigarettes but e-cigarettes have batteries instead of tobacco, atomizer instead of nicotine and water vapour instead of smoke. Cartridge can be filled with different amount of nicotine, you can choose nicotine level of cartridge according to amount of cigarettes you smoke. E-cigarettes are meant for multiple uses, not for single use as regular cigarettes, nicotine levels in regular cigarette may vary depending upon the brand.


E-cigarette cartridge comes with four different nicotine levels they are-

  • High level: 24 mg
  • Medium level: 18 mg
  • Low level: 12 mg
  • Nicotine Free: 0 mg
  • Regular cigarette contain 0.8 to 1.8 mg per cigarette


Usage of e-cigarette:

As mentioned above, e-cigarette cartridge contains very high amount of nicotine than regular cigarette, so it is not meant for single use. People who are fond of smoking can use high strength e-cigarettes, who smoke light cigarettes can choose medium strength, the ones who smoke very less time can choose low strength e-cigarettes, and people who think to quit cigarette and get free from nicotine can use nicotine free cigarettes. It makes people less addicted to cigarette.


How e-cigarette functions:

Take e-cigarette out from package and you can see that cartridge is not fully fitted with atomizer, you can fit it by just twisting it or pushing it in gently towards the battery, and while puffing the LED light starts glowing and vapour is also produced. You can change the cartridge once nicotine liquid is finished, normal cartridge produces 160 puffs once finished you can replace it with new cartridge, it is easy to replace cartridge just by twisting it open from atomizer and fixing new cartridge n the same way. Atomizer works up to 10000 puffs. When battery is run out, you can recharge e-cigarette by using USB charger.

You can refill the atomizer tank by just removing black mouth piece from atomizing tank and pull the little silicon plug, insert tip of e-liquid bottle to the rim of atomizer tank and gently squeeze the liquid till atomizer tank fills, once it get filled replace the silicon plug followed by black mouth piece tightly so that no leakage occurs. Liquid should not be filled in side hole; it might get e-liquid on to your mouth. One full refill should last up to 350 puffs. E-cigarette makes less addicted to regular cigarette, helps in intake of less nicotine in to your body.