Electronic Cigarette As An Alternative To Conventional Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette:

Electronic Cigarette in India, as the name indicates, is an electronic device, exclusively designed to offer you the feel of smoking without releasing the nicotine (the main component in cigarette) and other hazardous chemical substances that are generated during the ignition of cigarettes. There are 3 basic components of any Electronic Cigarette, viz: a) the coil, b) the liquid (available in different flavors) and c) the smoking handle-cum-battery holder. The main purpose of these three parts are to offer you a feeling of smoking, which is attained by heating the liquid with the coil and generating smoke out of it. Advanced eCigarettes are developed, which will only light up as you pull-in the smoking pipe and the vapors/ smokes will only be generated as you pull-in the cigarette. There are thousands of brands available online these days which offer eCigarettes as an alternative to conventional nicotine cigarettes.

How they help smokers to quit smoking:

Electronic Cigarette or eCigarette is designed in such a way that it offers the exact feeling of smoking to a person who is habituated with nicotine cigarettes. But the cliché is that the liquid that forms vapor in eCigarette releases controlled amount of nicotine and no other harmful chemicals are produced during the burning of the tobacco leaves inside the cigarettes. Thus, e cigarettes not only help in controlling the environmental pollution, it also restricts secondary smoking (those who inhale the gases that a smoker disperses) and nicotine release to the environment. Environmentally, e Cigarettes also help in restricting littering of the cigarette butts.

Chain / habitual smokers who usually smoke significantly more cigarettes in a day, e cigarettes can help them to regain their health by controlling nicotine intake and save them from other hazardous chemicals. With planned smoking of eCigarettes with gradual reduction of nicotine intake, the dependency of human body on nicotine intake reduces and helps in quitting smoking. Electronic Cigarette also can be used repeatedly as it has rechargeable batteries and the smoking liquids are also available separately for the smokers to purchase separately.

Electronic Cigarette market in India:

Although ecigarette market in the western countries like US, UK, European countries are abundant since last decade, the market of Electronic Cigarette in India is relatively new. In yesteryears, when there was no awareness about the online shopping, people in a hand-count of Indian cities could get such eCigarettes as an exclusive and imported product.

In the recent years, the market of eCigarette in India is highly flourishing with many online stores offering these products for the customers. There are also some exclusive stores, which off only Electronic Cigarette in India and its accessories online. This is a good sign that people who are deep in smoking in India, can get access to this alternative option in order to quit smoking or at least try for quitting!