Innokin MVP Review in India

This article is the review of Innokin MVP 2.0. The advantages and disadvantages have been discussed in detail.


Best Feature

The easy use and long battery life made Innokin MVP 2.0 a huge success.


Adjustable Voltage

Its voltage can be adjusted from 3.3 – 5.0 volts in .1 volt increments.


Adjustable Wattage

Wattage can be adjusted from 6.0 – 11.0 W in .5 watts increments.


Ohms meter

It has an Ohms meter which reads resistance of your atomizer/cartomizer/clearomizer.


Capacity Indicator

The iTaste MVP 2.0 e cigarette battery capacity is displayed via green, yellow and red LED lights.


Other main features

It has a puff counter, short circuit protection, over-discharge protection, battery level indicator and a built-in 2600 mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery.


Battery Switch

It has an ON/OFF battery switch having 10 seconds cutoff and a built-in 3 digit display showing Ohms meter, Voltage /Wattage setting, number of puffs taken since last time the battery was turned off.


Charging Cable

The MVP 2.0 comes with the same four-way charging cable that can be used either to charge the battery of the MVP, or when connected to the bottom-mounted USB port on the mod, can be used to charge other USB-based devices via a mini or micro USB connector, or an iPhone/iPod-style connector.


Keys used for adjustable wattage

The implementation of variable wattage is not impressive. The “U” and “P” keys are present near the LCD on the MVP 2.0, with the “P” button adjusting wattage and the “U” button adjusting voltage.



The voltage cannot be decreased which was possible in previous versions of MVP and that is one of the limitations which can be ignored for its outstanding features.



There are 247 skins with awesome artwork that have been designed only for the MVP 2.0. The Innokin MVP 2.0 comes as a 510 and eGo threaded device. There have been some issues related to the MVP’s threading integrity.


Compatible with all clearomizers

The MVP 2.0 is one of the great box mods on the market right now that work with any clearomizer available in the market without any leak issues.



The ability to charge your iPhone with it also make it a unique product. All these features make Innokin MVP 2.0 one of the best product of the e-cigarette market.