Top 5 tips to Quit Smoking in India


I know that you are struggling to quit the nasty smoking habit.

I know that you want to quit and lead a healthy life with your friends and family.

Many says you need will power to quit smoking. But I say you need to choose the right product to quit smoking.

There are many products advertised to be successful. But you are not sure which is the easy way to choose and quit smoking. If you were confused then this is the story for you. The story is about me and how I successfully quit smoking and started to sell Electronic Cigarettes in India.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ram, an Indian origin and settled in Europe. Based on my experience with Electronic Cigarettes I started this business in India and wanted to help our people to quit smoking and lead a healthy life.

I had been smoking for more than 15 years and really wanted to quit the bad habit for my health and my family. There were many products like Nicotine chewing gum, Nicotine Patches, Nicotine inhaler, Nicotine lozenges available in the market and they were advertised by the manufacturing companies that it will aid to quit smoking. Believe me or not I tried all these products. Even while using them I still had the urge for real cigarettes. I use these products for few days or a week then again went back to the routine of using regular cigarettes.

Luckily one day in a shopping mall I used to see the small Cigarette like Ecigarettes. Curious about it and bought it and tried it for a week. It was effective to some extent. I could successfully quit for a day. But still the craving for real cigarette lied within me and went back to it. I started realizing that Electronic cigarettes are the better way to quit smoking and did my analysis in the market.

There were different models available in the market. I tried the Basic Electronic Cigarettes to start with and it was quite efficient in successfully coming out of the nasty habit. Even though it was cheaper and quite efficient in quitting it didn’t gave me the proper hot feel or throat hit like real cigarettes. You have to understand the difference between regular cigarette and ecigarette at this point. Real cigarette gives smoke which is thick and hot, whereas ecigarette gives vapor which is light and warm.

From Basic model then I switched to Advanced Electronic Cigarettes. These kits are very powerful. You can adjust the Voltage, Wattage and Temperature. Adjusting the Wattage and Temperature you could turn the vapor from warm to hot. When I inhale this vapor I really got the throat hit or feeling that I got that from regular cigarette. Also these models maintain the flavor of the eliquid and you will really feel the taste of eliquid in your mouth. If the eliquid is fruit flavored then you feel the sweet aroma of that fruit (depending on quality of eliquid). Once I started using advanced ecigarettes I never went back to regular cigarettes. Even when my friends smoke near me I am not getting the urge to take the real cigarette and I am happy to stay with electronic cigarette as I get different flavored eliquid and it gives sweet throat hit rather than smelly and sour throat hits by regular cigarettes.

Based on my experience I am going to narrate the Top 5 tips to Quit smoking in India

  1. You don’t need will to quit smoking. You need right product
  2. Start with basic electronic cigarettes in India. If that works then go for advanced ecigarettes in India. Your chances are 100% if you use Advanced models. But you need some knowledge and practice to use them. So don’t go for advanced if you are a beginner
  3. Buy original branded advanced models from Kangertech, eLeaf, Joyetech, Wismec, Aspire. sells genuine products from these companies and most of them comes sealed and with tracking number where you can track the number in manufacturer’s website.
  4. Choose eliquid flavor which you like most. There are many fruit flavored, coffee flavored, Menthol flavored eliquids available in the market. Choose branded and famous companies like Halo, Liqua, Joyetech
  5. Choose the eliquid with right nicotine content. If you smoke 1-10 cigarettes then choose 3mg or 6mg Nicotine strength. If you smoke 10-20 then choose 6mg or 12mg Nicotine strength. 18mg or 1.8% is really heavy and you will get headache and throat dry feeling. My advice is don’t use that. Always go for 3mg or 6mg to start with. This works well for most of the people.

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