Trending Acceptance Level and Popularity of eCigarette in India

Smoking is one of those numerous recreational activities which are widely popular across the globe. With its popularity and acceptance at almost all levels
of socio-economic profiles in India, smoking also brings its curse. However, the choice of smoking is still widely popular and people in India love
experimenting with various alternatives to smoking for different experience and diverse flavors.

eCigarette revolution:

Tobacco smoking is injurious to health! Active and passive smokers from tobacco products like cigarette are subject to great health risk with the
carcinogens present in tobacco smoke. Although electronic cigarettes or eCigarette are evolved as a better alternative to tobacco smoking, it still has its
share of nicotine and other byproducts. However, eCigarette in India is catching attention of the smoker population due to various factors
as discussed below:

1. Easy availability: There were days, when eCigarette could only be imported from foreign countries as there were no manufacturers or
marketers of eCigarette India. With the revolution online marketing platforms, ordering eCigarette in India has become
easy with online purchase. Apart from eCigarette, people can now order for various flavor liquids and rechargeable cartridges for continuing their smoking

2. Same flavor with less botheration: eCigarette in India is considered as a fashion statement for many. Especially these
eCigarette doesn’t require lighting and do not produce ashes. This is one of the prominent advantages for smoking when smoking in a confined area and
littering is not permitted. As eCigarette taste exactly similar to their normal counterparts, people smoking this electronic cigarette don’t feel any
difference, while smoking these cigarettes. Ultimately people adopting to eCigarette in India, save a lot of botheration while smoking and
can pursue their habit without any production of actual smoke or ashes.

3. Quality products at affordable costs: eCigarette in India comes with quality assurance from well-reputed marketers.
Online availability and easy home delivery makes these cigarettes accessible to the people loving smoking. Also the eCigarette can be carried in pocket
without worrying for being bent or crushed. At the same time, keeping these cigarettes in the pocket doesn’t smell bad as it happens with normal
cigarettes. Moreover, its affordable and economical cost helps people to adopt eCigarette smoking as a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

4. Wide alternative flavors catering to various demands: eCigarette in India comes with alternative flavor cartridge
arrangements. Smoking enthusiasts can taste flavors like green apple, cinnamon, normal tobacco and so on with different cartridges and refills. The
eCigarette kit also can be order with specific flavors and aroma to please the taste of the smokers. With rechargeable battery pack, this eCigarette in India offers a better alternative to leaf tobacco cigarettes over a long run.

5. Less carcinogens & more fun: Vaping with eCigarettes offers a better proposition as it doesn’t produce any carcinogens as it
happens with tobacco cigarettes. Also the smoke that comes out of eCigarette are not actually smoke, rather vapors. So smoking with vapors improves your
chances against any physical ailments, reduces carcinogen intake and offers you a sophisticated habit of vaping with finest eCigarette in India. Any person switching to vaping from smoking can feel the difference almost within a few days of usage.

As a better alternative to tobacco cigarette, eCigarette in India is offering you a more economical choice (compare the average cost per
smoking) with a lot of other advantages. The market is growing and so is the popularity of eCigarette in India offering a better world for
the smoking lovers.