Aspire Starter Kit With K1 Clearomizer

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  • Aspire CF G-Power 900mah
  • Stainless Steel endpoints
  • Carbon filter coated Tube
  • Aspire K1 glassomizer 1.5ml
  • Replacement 1.6BVC atomizer coils

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Add eLiquid (Our eCigarette comes without eLiquid)

Aspire Starter Kit in India with K1 Clearomizer in India is an excellent product for those people who are considering to get off from smoking and get on with vaping. Don’t get confused when we say that it is a starter kit, it is in no doubt marketed and sold as a beginner’s product but it has all the qualities of a high end product.


This product comes with BVC coils. BVC coils are not common in starter products as they are quite expensive. You will find BVC coils in expensive electronic cigarettes but this one comes pre installed with it. Considering the price of this product, it’s one of the best deals you can get on electronic cigarettes.

It comes with a 900mah battery. A battery of this size is good enough for you to get through the day. You can easily vape all day long without any worries and at the end of the day there will still be some juice left in the battery. If you are someone who just started trying electronic cigarettes, chances are that you will never run out of battery. In the kit you also get a wall adapter and a USB charger. It means that you can plug it in your laptop and it will charge in no time.

The capacity of clearomizer is 1.5ml. You can fill up to 1.5ml of e liquid in it. Even though there are products that have larger tanks as compared to this one, but 1.5ml is more than enough for someone new to electronic cigarettes.

Since it comes with BVC coils, you can be sure that each time you vape, you will get a thick vapor rich in flavor. This is a highly recommended product for anyone who is looking forward to quit smoking and start vaping.


[alert ]Note: Use special caution when working with Li-ion cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode or burn if mishandled. Make sure the user has enough knowledge of Li-Ion rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use. Always charge in/on a fire-proof surface. Never leave charging batteries unattended. We are not responsible for damage if there is any modification of the batteries/chargers in any form or shape (including pack making).

VapourIndia is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or mishandling of Li-Ion batteries and chargers. We only recommend using Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries with a control circuit (protection PCB) to assure safe charge, discharge, etc, use of lithium ion batteries without a protection circuit is potentially hazardous.


  • Aspire CF G-Power 900mAh Battery
  • Stainless Steel endpoints
  • Carbon filter coated Tube
  • 6 safety holes on the bottom cover
  • 77mm Length


  1. Aspire BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil) atomizer
  2. 1.5ml capacity
  3. Designed to last longer with pure and clean taste of eLiquid
  4. 72mm Length

Package Content

  1. 1 x Aspire CF G-Power 900mah
  2. 1 x Aspire K1 x glassomizer 1.5ml
  3. 5 x Replacement 1.6BVC atomizer coils
  4. 1 x USB charger
  5. 1 x A/C adaptor
  6. 1 x User manual




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